Ricky Sharp is originally from Birmingham, Alabama. As a young child of three it was evident to his parents that music was to be his destiny. Beginning at the age of six he studied piano under Dorothy Smith, who at that time was high in the violin section of the Birmingham Symphony and a well-know violin and piano instructor in the city. She gave Ricky the foundation upon which to build. Through High School at Little Creek Academy just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, he studied with Alice Straw, also a child prodigy and well-known keyboard artist. Time rocked on and he attended Southern Missionary College in Collegedale, Tennessee, now Southern Adventist University. There he studied with Dr. Stanley Walker and Dr. Robert Sage, who coached him through a different and more concentrated level of study that brought forth the creative side of Ricky's ability to improvise and perform with clarity and excitement.

Ricky is a former educator in the areas of Music, English, and Religion. Wherever he was teaching in the South found him also serving various denominations as Music Director, directing the choir from either the piano or the organ. His experience has also included performance and providing the piano accompaniment for the late Russell Davis, former tenor with the New York Opera. He also was the accompanist for Marilyn Cotton, former soloist with the It Is Written Program on television.

Ricky performs regularly for audiences who are spellbound by his interpretation of many different types of music. His idea is that music is the heartbeat of the soul; make it appealing, lively, and keep it moving.

Ricky is the father of two wonderful children, Stephanie and Joel. Stephanie lives in Orlando, Florida; Joel is a First-Class Navy Diver for the United States Navy. He is extremely proud of them.